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Identifying, and then pushing, worthy films


Pushing the envelope on what it means to be a filmmaker's distributor in the 21st century


Pushing creative producers and likeminded buyers together for mutual benefit


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Christmas Cupid Poster_email.png
Cupid For Christmas

Cupid, the god of love, is burned out. He wants desperately to retire and hand his bow-and-arrow over to his protégé Ruby, but after a series of romantic blunders, Cupid fears that Ruby doesn’t have the backbone for the job. She begs for one more chance and the boss relents: Ruby has until midnight on Christmas Eve to find love for the most romantically hopeless person on Earth, a college professor named Charlie.  If she succeeds, she will take over as Cupid permanently, if she fails… she loses her wings.   But little does she realize that love's arrows point both ways...


Two women set out on a road trip across the American West. Junior is trying to let go of her past. Mads is trying to find hers. Their long journey together will help them understand what friendship and family truly means.

WindRidersPoster copy.jpg
Wind Riders

A feature length documentary, tells the poignant and inspiring stories of
three American balloonists who dedicate their lives to their sport: a masterful solo hot-air balloon pilot whose quiet passion transcends generations, and a driven championship gas-balloon team competing in a tragic quest to defend their world title.

When Icarus Fell

The proposal for a wind turbine in a rural American town brings together the interlocking stories of an ambitious politician, an eager intern, a struggling farm owner, her despondent son, and the newly arrived construction manager trying to start a family.

Captured Poster.png

In Hong Kong, suspicion surrounds an ex-psychiatrist turned photographer when he takes an abused woman on an emotional journey giving police little time to investigate missing women from his last exhibition.

World W4R Poster.png
World War 4

A series of escalating incidents in Korea and the Middle East lead to greater and greater conflict for the US troops, placing the superpowers at one another's throats. Armies march, bombs rain down, soldiers storm the beaches as we witness one family caught up in the ever-growing conflict.

Lake Artifact Poster.png
Lake Artifact

Five friends pick up a drifter on their way to a cabin for a three day weekend. Upon arrival they discover a picture of themselves posing at the cabin, which they've never been to; Time and space begin to function without rhyme or reason, slowly turning them against each other.

But Not For Me

A struggling, disillusioned young writer discovers a fledgling sense of hope when a beautiful violinist moves in next door and agrees to perform with him on the city streets. Will is a young writer, living in the big city, barely scraping by on his copywriter's salary. When he meets Hope, his beautiful and enigmatic new neighbor, he is certain he has found the inspiration and the validation he's been seeking. But as he struggles to find his way, Will learns he must reconcile his youthful vision of life with the complexities of the real world in order to find true fulfillment.

Dark Horizon Resized.png
Dark Horizon

A serene family camping trip takes a horrific turn for the worse when four hikers find themselves fighting for their lives against rogue terrorists in the pristine wilderness of the Pacific Northwest...

eleven 11 resized.png
Eleven 11

A chilling and thrilling (yet often humorous) thriller about what happens when a cop who needs money for his daughter's experimental cancer treatment takes money from the Godfather -- who actually happens to BE his own godfather!   Brimming with multiple storylines and colorful characters, crosses and double-crosses, CIRCLE brings you into the loop of strippers, bikers, sex parties, and even a pizza delivery man, all heading for a miraculous finale!

Filmic Achievement Resized.png
Filmic Achievement

Six students in the fictional UNY Film Program compete for their ultimate prize — the Filmic Achievement Award — in this delightful satire that lampoons the comical seriousness and overblown passions at a fourth-rate cinema school.

Hit Parade Resized.png
Hit Parade

Jerome Archer is a retired hit man living the straight life as a retail bookstore manager. When he is coerced by a pair of industrious United States Census Bureau agents to hunt down a dangerous, young contract killer, Jerome suddenly has a life-altering choice to make: will he be forced to return to his old, murderous ways... or will he find a new way out?

Ira & Abby

Ira Black, 33, is brilliant, neurotic, Jewish and has so many issues he can't fit them into 12 years of analysis. He can't finish his dissertation, he can't commit to his longtime girlfriend, and he's incapable of making a decision, even if it's just what to order at the diner. Abby Willoughby, 30, is a free spirit who's better at solving her friends' problems at the gym than selling memberships. When the two meet, the impossible happens: they fall in love, meet each other's parents and decide to get married, all in a few breathless hours. And life is good, until Ira finds out that Abby is a divorcee... two times over.

Krankenhaus Resized.png

In the polished, sterile halls of a German hospital lies a secret, buried deep by half a century of fading memories. But to the ghosts of those who once anguished in this place, and the evil that animated their final chilling hours, those moments will last an eternity of time...

London's Finest.jpg
London's Finest aka Hackney's Finest

Hackney, East London. Motorcycle courier, Sirus (Nathanael Wiseman) likes to make a little extra cash on the side, and not remotely legally. He sets up a heroin deal between his supplier, Asif (Rajan Sharma) and a pair of Welsh Yardies (Marlon G. Day and Enoch Frost), unaware that his nemesis - bent cop inspector Priestly (Arin Alldridge) - has forced Asif into going through with the deal under surveillance. When they attempt to fight back, Sirus and his associates find themselves terrorized by Priestly and a gang of East European psychopaths. It seems crime doesn't pay... unless you're the police!

Messenger Resized.png

When Dr. Sarah Chapel arrives in a small New England fishing village to take over her late father’s medical practice, she finds his patients panicking, petrified that no one will understand their fears and the need for their heavy medication. Little does a dubious Sarah realize how very real and quite otherworldly are the voices that plague her patients, her town... and very soon, herself. This riveting sci fi thriller in the tradition of Stephen King and M. Night Shyamalan sends “Contact” into the “Twilight Zone”.


A troubled nun attempts to confront the haunts of her past by visiting an old flame in a distant city.

Pretty Broken

Lindsey Lou's father has gone missing on a mountaineering expedition and she's determined to find him, only she's the least qualified for the job.

Right Hand Drive

A funny story about faith, forgiveness and the weird people you grew up with while trying to start your car.

Smoking Laws movie poster.jpg
Smoking Laws

A group of nicotine junkies are forced into the cold when smoking is banned inside their favorite bar. For The Bossman, who just quit, this is a living nightmare. He's stuck surrounded by the bizarre conversations of random strangers, linked only by a love for tobacco. Added to the Bossman's misery is a staff who spend their time gabbing an puffing instead of serving. Will The Bossman survive or succumb to the addictions of bar culture? 

Badger Game_Theatrical Poster.jpg
The Badger Game

A chronic philanderer falls victim to an extortion scheme when he is abducted by four masked strangers demanding retribution for his sins.

TEEB Poster Mark HD.jpg
The Exorcism of Emily Blair

When a beautiful young nurse attends to an elderly patient who is dying in her hospital, she unwittingly exposes herself to forces beyond the veil of our natural world, and becomes the next victim in a deadly chain that stretches back to the dawn of time.

image (1).png
The North Star

Slaves Benjamin "Big Ben" Jones and Moses Hopkins escape from a Virginia plantation and make their way to freedom in the 1840's.

Waldo On Weed

A mother and father risk their freedom to help their sick baby boy, showing how far a parent will go to save their family. With found footage and one-on-one interviews, WALDO ON WEED allows the audience to experience a mother’s intuition, a father’s courage, and a little boy’s fight for his life.

(Contact PUSH for trailer password)


Despite trying to leave behind a life of crime, Danny reluctantly teams with naïve rich kid Liam and wildcard drug dealer Kit Viper for a botched robbery that leaves them in possession of a mysterious supernatural artifact with immense potential.

Getaway Poster 7_FRAME_CENTERED(SMALL).j

A group of college students go out into the woods to shoot a horror film for class but the night devolves into terror (and life imitates art) as a masked killer stalks the cast and crew. There’s no escape, no way to call for help, and no one knows why they’re being slaughtered… Or why the murderer is filming his kills.

Arracht Movie Poster.jpg

ARRACHT tells the story of Colmán Sharkey, a fisherman, a father, a husband, living on the wild shores of Connemara in 1845 as The Great Hunger descends. As land taxes rise and crops rot Colmán confronts his Landlord, the night ends in deadly violence and Colmán is forced to go on the run, hunted for crimes he did not commit.

Making Moves Poster 1.jpg
Making Moves

Making Moves that risks everything over comfort and stability. Can Que stay strong in pursuit of his dream or has this new opportunity caused too much of a risk and deferred his dreams for good?

(Contact PUSH for trailer password)

Clinton Road Poster.png
Clinton Road

A widowed fire fighter seeks closure after his wife goes missing on an actual haunted road in rural New Jersey but must unlock the roads secret if he wants to get out alive.

Without A Body Poster.png
Without A Body

After moving to a run-down farmhouse with his two daughters, a skeptical true-crime author seeks to uncover a sinister past that haunts the house and terrorizes his family.

a warden's ransom.jpg
A Warden's Ransom

The new female warden of a high-security prison faces challenges when an inmate puts up a bounty to anyone who can break him out of jail.

Circle  poster12_Large2.png

A chilling and thrilling (yet often humorous) thriller about what happens when a cop who needs money for his daughter's experimental cancer treatment takes money from the Godfather -- who actually happens to BE his own godfather!   Brimming with multiple storylines and colorful characters, crosses and double-crosses, CIRCLE brings you into the loop of strippers, bikers, sex parties, and even a pizza delivery man, all heading for a miraculous finale!

001_AUTOMATION_KEYART_FIN-01 - resized f

(All Territories Sold)

When a prototype automated worker robot named Auto has proven successful on the night shift at ALERT INSULATION, plans are put in motion to replace almost all the human employees with the next generation of robots -- but to Auto's dismay, he is also to be replaced by the new and improved robots -- something he refuses to accept, and takes murderous action to prevent.

Forced to fight resized.png
Forced To Fight

Blackmailed back into the arena by a ruthless crime boss, a former underground fighting legend must survive a gauntlet of savage matches where losing just one fight... means losing it all.

FROM THE WILD - S4 POSTER w_ jbfa and de
From The Wild

A food show that serves up thrilling outdoor adventures with each episode!  FROM THE WILD features breathtaking nature scenery and at times nail-biting suspense alongside tasty tips for delicious naturally harvested and wild dishes.  Multiple episodes available (in production).

Hostile Resized.png

In the tradition of “The Devil’s Rejects”, “Wolf Creek”, and “Saw”, comes a tale of chilling pursuit and twisted torture on Raven’s Ridge, as a band of thieves finds themselves one-upped by a dogged woodsman who hunts them for his pleasure. 

I Wrote This For You

In this funny, fierce, and touching award-winner, a young poet/writer by night (and Hollywood waiter by day) tries to keep his overactive fantasy life from completely taking over his reality after one too many romantic misadventures.  With a powerful performance by indie and Lifetime veteran Brennan Keel Cook, strong female characters and colorful supporting players (including Sopranos fave Michael Badalucco), plus a strong sense of place on Hollywood's "boulevard of broken dreams" I WROTE THIS played to packed houses at top world festivals with across-the-board audience appeal.

Left of Center.jpg
Left Of Center

Left of Center, a psychological thriller set in a small town in the rolling plains of Northeastern Oklahoma, focuses on a series of homicides along Highway 177. The murders cause a strained relationship between highway patrol officer Trooper Ferguson (J Bryson Baker) and local police chief Tom Parker (Jason Wilkinson), who are both personally invested in finding the killer. In efforts to solve the murders and put the town at ease, the lives of the two men converge through a series of encounters, as well as a startling revelation as the truth surfaces. Through a tangled web of obsession and deceit, Left of Center magnifies life in a tightly knit community while exposing its dark secrets.

Love N Success.jpg
Love N Success

Deion, a well known and highly paid actor, who left his first love to pursue his dream career, but now success isn't enough. Deion is ready for true love. Finding success has brought pain, deceit, lack of trust, and loneliness. Deion returns to his hometown of Atlanta, GA to shoot his next movie. While home, Deion reunites with childhood friends, who have also become successful, his parents, his first love, and a sick nine-year-old girl (whose one wish is to meet him). Atlanta also brings unforeseen Drama. Can Deion find love and have success?

Miss December.jpg
Miss December

Fear strikes Philadelphia when a serial killer begins to monthly stalk and butcher one female victim to add to his calendar.

One Way to Valhalla Resized.png
One Way To Valhalla

When a surly, self-centered car mechanic is arrested for DUI and then gets in a traffic accident on a borrowed bicycle, he winds up in the hospital – losing his car, his job, and his friends, but finding his life.

Razortooth Full.jpg

Deep in the Florida Everglades, something is alive that should have died eons ago. Something is feeding, when it should be full. Something is moving, in ways that seem all but impossible to its pursuers. It’s moving in the dark... under the surface of the waters... with an appetite that makes no distinction between man or beast. Now, it's up to an unlikely band of locals, an animal control officer, a small town sheriff, and a scientist's team of college youth to stop the threat... before it's too late.

Santa Girl

(All Territories Sold)

The adventures of Santa’s teenage daughter, Cassie, as she leaves the North Pole for the first time to attend college. She must navigate this strange new world while keeping the identity of her iconic father (and her own magic) a secret.

(Contact PUSH for trailer password)

SW_Poster_A0_V2 (1).jpg
Suburban Wildlife

A close knit group of university graduates are left at a crossroads as they are forced to face themselves and wrestle with harsh truths as they embark on a colorful road trip to regional Australia, as of one of the group plans on leaving.  This coming-of-age story with strong female appeal brings you back to when all of life's roads seem open, and you have to choose the one you'll travel for the rest of your life.

The bill murray stories.png
The Bill Murray Stories

One man's journey to find meaning in Bill Murray's many unexpected adventures with everyday people, previously presumed to be urban legend. 

The Independent 2.jpg
The Independent

A notorious B-movie director tries for a comeback by seeking out the film rights to the life story of a serial killer who wants his biography film to be a musical.

The Seamstress resized.png
The Seamstress

The Seamstress was brought into being by the desperate curse for an innocent woman being tortured to death by a vigilante mob. Voracious for blood, the hideously -mutilated specter hunts a small group of friends who become trapped on the island where she died.


A seemingly unknown sickness is spreading fast through the small town of Caroltyn, making the children of the town its first victims. Kofi, a 26 old woman formerly from Caroltyn, has a daughter named Laila that resides in Caroltyn. Laila becomes the next victim, which brings Kofi back to the town, despite her reasons for leaving. Shortly after coming back, Kofi discovers the increasing sickness is not a medical issue, but a demonic one. Unfortunately, when Kofi tries to explain this to the doctors and her family, the crazed explanation is dismissed; it’s not only hard to believe but Kofi’s credibility is nonexistent due to her past of being in a mental institution. In order to save Laila’s life, Kofi decides to fight the demonic entity, but to do that she has to battle her inner demons first and grow strong in her faith in order to defeat it.

6 Month Rule

A realistic, funny and at times, heart-breaking look at dating, love and friendship told from the point of view of Tyler, a perpetual bachelor. Tyler follows a set of rules specifically designed to help him avoid emotional attachment. His most important rule is that he can get over anyone in less than six months. Knowing that he will get over any woman allows him to dismiss relationships easily and without regret. When his best friend is dumped, Tyler takes him under his wing. At the same time, Tyler meets a girl who changes everything he thinks he knows about relationships. With the influence of his best friend and the new woman in his life, Tyler finally tries to be a better man.

lead cast poster.jpg
Ring Of Silence

When a young girl falls in love with a sweet and charming stranger, she soon finds out that her fairy tale doesn't lead to wonderland, but to a far more seedy underbelly of society. 

The Incantation Poster.png
The Incantation

In this picturesque thriller starring Dean Cain, a young girl has a chance of a lifetime to visit her ancestors ominous castle in the south of France, far away from prying eyes. She soon uncovers their family's shocking secrets that have been hidden there for years.

Ahockalypse Poster.png

The Prairie Kings hockey team battle for the championship and their lives all in one night! Can Barry Melrose and the team escape with their lives or is it sudden death?

Wicked Witches Poster.png
Wicked Witches

After being thrown out of his home by his wife for being promiscuous, Mark finds himself back at Dumpling Farm, a place of youthful memories and parties. Once reunited with his old buddy Ian, things aren't quite right on the farm as Mark discovers Ian is possessed by a group of demonic, flesh-eating witches.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 4.48.57 PM.png
Behind Some Dark Clouds

Jade, 20 years old, hangs with a vampy schadenfreude and is met with startling intimacy and a tragic discovery in which she'll have to do the only thing she's been afraid of: growing up.

CTTC Ensemble.JPG
Cut To The Chase

Max Chase, an ex-con, sets out in search of his kidnapped sister through the criminal underbelly of a Louisiana town while being hunted by the city’s ruthless crime boss.

Eating raoul full.jpg
Eating Raoul

When an up-tight couple starts to let loose with their deadly frying pan on a series of hapless swingers, an outrageously funny and offbeat adventure begins that’s guaranteed to satisfy the heartiest appetite, in this dark comedy cult classic from acclaimed director Paul Bartel. 

Forward Slash Resized.png
Forward Slash

Could you save a loved one by knowingly hurting another? That is the ultimate question—the question that Mickey has to ask himself while trying to protect his brother by participating in a murder with the help of a known serial killer. All Mickey has to do is film a real murder by the Van Gogh Killer...and the victim will be someone that Mickey knows. Will he become an accomplice to save his brother?

Hey Boy.jpg
Hey Boy

This delightful relationship comedy paints a portrait of coming-of-age for 20-somethings, as two roomates deal with life, women, and responsibility -- in that order. Indeed, childhood buddies grown to men (by virtue of age if nothing else), Berry and Janks always got along great... until they found themselves vying for the same woman. Now, all bets are off.

I am santa claus.jpg
I Am Santa Claus

This film documents an entire year in the lives of five real-bearded professional Santa Clauses to find out what the rest of the year is like for a man who perpetually looks like Jolly Saint Nick. In the process, they are shown for who they actually are, flawed, flesh and blood men who feel an overbearing responsibility to protect the integrity of the spotless, untarnished reputation of the 'Red Suit.' 'I Am Santa Claus' is a documentary that poses a question about a ubiquitous holiday figure that few parents ever ask themselves; 'Whose lap is my child sitting on?'

KIds Who Rip.jpg
Kids Who Rip

Kids Who Rip is not only groundbreaking family entertainment, but also part of a movement to spark the imagination of youth, using peers who are extreme sports legends. The premiere film is made for kids ages 5 – 13 years old and takes them on a journey through an action-oriented world — one that that showcases the amazing talent and personalities of over 40 kids who love being active. The action is topped off with a soundtrack that is both engaging and fun, and leaves kids with a desire to try new things and inspire others.


(All Territories Sold)

A free-spirited, aspiring painter moves to Venice, CA where she falls for a charismatic gallery director and learns that commitment is a choice... love is not.


A young caretaker believes her family is being tormented by the devil, after she agrees to write the chilling story of a patient haunted by the relentless demonic being.

Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood ful
Mutant Vampire Zombies From The 'Hood'

In the wake of a solar flare of unusual properties, a mismatched group of inner-city survivors must put aside their animosity to escape a Los Angeles now free of gangbangers, but infested instead with blood-sucking, sex-starved zombies.

Outside Sales.jpg
Outside Sales

When a former top salesman falls into a slump, he has to outperform the beautiful new sales rep brought in to replace him in order to keep his job, regain his self respect, and pull his life back together — that is, if if he doesn’t fall in love with her first!

Recording In Progress Movie Poster 20180
Recording In Progress

In today's fast-changing era of digital and streaming, RECORDING IN PROGRESS is a fascinating look for music lovers at how the music we all love was made -- and WILL be made in the future.  Like STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF MOTOWN and THE WRECKING CREW, RECORDING IN PROGRESS takes us past the locked doors to the studio where (and how) our favorite sounds are laid down.

side by each resized.png
Side By Each

Sail away... in a comedy about launching a boat, doing right and finding the perfect first mate. Larry Bryggman (Die Hard: With a Vengeance) and Blythe Danner (Meet the Parents) head a cast of accomplished actors in this gentle and offbeat comedy. While lacking any violence, the characters entertain through their humorous representatives of an actual New England seaside community, and its plot of environmental degradation implicates us all.

image (1).png
Tales From Tomorrow

Through four short vignettes, a struggling writer, a bored employee, a lonely astronaut and a recent widower each wrestle with humanity and morality in a dimension beyond.

The Broken Rose

A young girl who has grown up in foster care is desperate to escape an abusive situation, and is saved by an older man...but at what price?

The Lie Full.jpg
The Lie

When they first met, Lonnie and Clover were young idealists, but an unplanned baby forced them to flip the script. Lonnie put his music on hold and got a crappy job, and now Clover is abandoning her activism for an opportunity in the corporate world. Drowning in disappointments, Lonnie decides he needs some time off work to reexamine his life, but when he tells a shocking lie to his abusive boss, it’s only a matter of time before the grenade he’s thrown onto his life explodes, and suddenly he’s pushed to figure out who he is, what he wants, and maybe... just maybe...what it means to be a father.

Three of a kind resized.png
Three Of A Kind

Trapped in a nightmare marriage, a woman contends with the deadly control of her husband in this sexy, edgy, psychological thriller -- first falling in love with the man her husband hires to watch over her, and then running from the bullets of the assassin he hires to kill them both.

Our work


PUSH WORLDWIDE began as a protest. It emerged from the knowledge and ire of its founding filmmakers, who encountered the harsh realities of film distribution during careers that spanned several hundred feature films.

In short, PUSH began with the need for a FILMMAKER'S distributor in Hollywood. And from that, it derived its mission. 

PUSH recognizes that FILMMAKERS on one hand, and FILM BUYERS on the other, have needs that are best met by a DISTRIBUTOR who is equally at ease with either perspective. 


We're tired of getting ripped off.

Filmmakers seek a home where they can place not only their films, but also their trust. They want a PARTNER who shares their interests and knows their point of view, firsthand. And they're tired of getting the runaround. 

Fourteen hour days on the set are hard enough but doing all that work, for all that time, and then seeing it all eaten away by a gatekeeper to the marketplace is the most discouraging aspect of the whole endeavor. In fact, to the creative spark within filmmakers, the result is often FATAL.

At the same time, FILM BUYERS want reliable access to inventive, cutting edge, yet reasonably priced product; they want to work with a DISTRIBUTOR with strong relationships on the creative side, and a product line that reflects repeatable success. 


We want access to films that are tied to the marketplace, and a distribution partner with ever more features in the pipeline.

Ideally, this would be a distributor with rising stars, carefully handled artists, personal attentions, and real access to unfinished gems -- along with the ability to polish them to dazzling results.

Indeed, for buyers, the ideal partner is someone who knows QUALITY OVER QUANTITY; a colleague who listens, and then delivers.

And this, in sum, is the mission statement for PUSH WORLDWIDE: identifying, and then pushing, worthy films... pushing the envelope on what it means to be a filmmaker’s distributor in the 21st century... 

but most of all, pushing creative producers and likeminded buyers TOGETHER for mutual benefit.



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